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Custom Amish furniture in austinThe Amish way of life is one of simple devotion to God, Family & their Community. 

The Amish live in harmony with nature and are dedicated to hard-work.  

Each Amish community has its own distinct style of plain, solid-colored clothing & horse-drawn carriages.

Their communication relies heavily on talking to one another, especially at church or school, and through the mail.

The Amish have large families and large homes to accommodate muliple generations. 

They strive for a life of simplicity, humility & peace.


Beautifully & thoughtfully crafted without compromise

No piece of furniture is crafted in our Amish Builder’s workshop until it chosen by you and ordered.

To add pieces to an existing collection or for something fresh & new, your furniture can be created in a variety of wood species:
• Cherry
• Hickory
• Maple
• Oak
• Quarter Sawn Oak
• Walnut

Click here to view a list of sample stains that we offer.

American hardwoods have variation in color and grain.  Our Amish Builders strive to bring out the natural beauty and character in each piece of solid wood furniture

Once you have chosen the wood species, further personalize it by choosing from 19 different stain colors.  Not interested in a stain, choose from our wide variety of paint options.

Attention to the smallest details sets our Amish Builders’ furniture apart from all others.  The quality of their craftsmanship assures your furniture years of beauty and endurance.

One of the advantages we have in our building process is our daily access to our Amish Builders utilizing a Building Coordinator, who has grown up with and lives near the largest Amish community in the United States. Since the Amish’s main form of communication is the US Postal Service, having this direct and daily access to our Amish Builders ensures that your furniture is crafted to your specifications and is of the highest quality standard.