For generations, families have worked together to pass down time-honored woodworking techniques to become highly skilled craftsmen. Our furniture is built in 170+ small Amish workshops.

Each workshop focuses on one type of building technique such as building a chair or table so they can become experts and thoughtfully craft without compromise.

Choice & Possibility are truly yours through Amish
Furniture of Austinʼs design process.

After choosing the Design Style & Size for your Table, Desk, Recliner or Bedroom furniture. Your furniture can be crafted from a wide variety of American Hardwoods, such as Red Oak or Walnut. While each species of wood has variation in coloring and graining, our Amish Craftsmen strive to bring out the natural beauty and character in each piece of solid wood furniture.

You continue to make your furniture uniquely yours by choosing one our our 25+ stain colors and hundred of hardware and fabric options.

Attention to the smallest details help set our Amish Craftsmenʼs furniture apart from all others and assures you that the solid-wood furniture will have quality construction, lasting beauty and endurance.

Whether you are adding pieces to complete a room, need two more chairs because your family is growing or you are just starting your home, each piece of furniture is uniquely built for you. Only once you have visited our showroom and stepped through the design process, the Amish Craftsmen will begin building your furniture.

Once built, you can either have us deliver the furniture to your home or you can pick it up….we truly are about choice. Visit us today to explore what we and our Amish Craftsmen have to offer!

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