• Miniature and built to last, this awesome Motorcycle Rocker toy is handcrafted from solid hardwood by Amish artisans.
  • This beautiful toybox will hold all of their favorite treasures. It measures 34-1⁄4" w x 15-1⁄4" d x 18-3⁄4" h and has 11" of Storage Area. It can be crafted with the Toybox scene or add your Child's name Dimensions 34.25"w x 15.25"d x 18.75"h Storage Height: 11"h
  • The youth chair helps your little one reach the table when they aren't quite ready for "the big chair" but are too big for a High Chair. Youth Chairs are available in other styles, please visit us for additional options Dimensions 12.25"w x 12"d x 27"h
  • This uniquely styled child’s table will look beautiful in any room or playhouse. The Table measures 30″x 24″ x 21″. The chairs are sold separately so you can choose the number that is right for you. The chairs each measure 12″ x 12 1/2″ x 27″

    Dimensions Chairs: 12"w x 12.5"d x 27"h Table: 30"w x 24"d x 21"h
  • This classic rocking horse is sure to be a favorite for years. This one measures 44"x 14" x 40" but other sizes are available to meet your needs Dimensions 44"w x 14"d x 40"h
  • For your convenience, this mission high chair is available in two formats with either a flip tray or a side tray and both measure 20" x 20" x 391⁄2". Other Styles Available Dimensions 20"w x 20"d x 39.5"h
  • This classic high chair is available in two formats, with either a flip tray or a slide tray and both measure 20″x 18″ x 38″ Seat 23-1⁄2″ high. Other Styles Available. Dimensions 20"w x 18"d x 38"h
  • This child's rectangle table with square legs measures 26" x 30" x 21" allowing plenty of space for creativity. Chairs are sold separately so you can choose just the number you need. Each chair measures 10" x 11 1⁄2" x 22" with the seat being 10 3⁄4” high Dimensions Chair: 10"w x 11.5"d x 22"h (Seat height: 10.75"h") Table: 26"w x 30"d x 21"h
  • This unique 3 in 1 High Chair also includes a Child's Desk and Rocking Chair extending its usefulness beyond just dining. Dimensions 16"w x 18"d x 32"h