• This wine server holds both your wine and stemware allowing you to stay with your guests and not miss a minute of the festivities. Doors and drawers make this modern server ideal to keep  everything stored close at hand.

    Dimensions: 57"w x 20"d x 41"h
  • This Farm House buffet delivers a rustic beauty to your dining room or kitchen. Choose the wood species, stain color and hardware to truly make this one of a kind. Don't need a space for wine or stemware add doors or drawers instead.  It is all about choice.

    Dimensions: 19.5"d x 42"h x 60.25"w
  • Gain extra storage space in the kitchen, dining room, or other areas of your home with this Mission cabinet.  Personalize this cabinet by selecting the wood species, stain color, and door panels to make it your own.
  • Nothing is a better addition to your home than this four door hutch. With everything customizable from the wood species to the stain color, select long doors or short doors to make this your own.

    Dimensions: Top Cabinet: 76"w x 14 7/8"d x 48.75"h Base Cabinet: 73"w x 18.5"d x 34.75"h
  • This hutch delivers gorgeous craftsmanship into your dining room or kitchen. Customize the wood species, the stain color, hardware and more to make this your own.

    Dimensions: Top Cabinet: 56"w x 13.5"d x 42"h Base Cabinet: 56"w x 18.5"d x 42"h Overall 84"h
  • This buffet delivers both beautiful style and utility. Whether you want to customize the buffet with two different wood species or one wood species and two different stain colors to fit your decor its all about choice and possibilites with this buffet.

    Dimensions: 66"w x 21"d x 40"h 48" with Backsplash
  • This three door hutch adds beauty and utility to your dining room. From dishes to glassware, everything you need for your next family celebration or dinner party can be beautifully organized in one place. Want to further showcase that organization, add glass sides to your hutch.

    Dimensions: Top Cabinet: 67.5"w x 15"d x 49"h Base Cabinet: 64"w x 19"d x 36.5"h Overall Height: 85.5"h
  • The clean lines of this Shaker buffet make a beautiful statement yet practical addition to your dining room. Choose the wood species, stain color and hardware to fit best with your decor. Seeded glass adds a unique beauty to this buffet, but clear glass is also an option.

    Dimensions: 64.25"w x 20"d x 43"h
  • This Shaker two door server includes an optional section to hold and display your beautiful stemware. Don't have stemware, leave off this option and choose only the base server.

    Dimensions: 45"w x 19"d x 49.5"h
  • This Shaker two door hutch is an example of the beautiful clean lines of Amish crafted furniture that allows the wood species speak for itself. Choice in options can truly be seen in this piece, don't need the top cabinet, leave it off.  Need top cabinet doors that are longer reaching the base to maximize storage, just tell us. The choice is truly yours to decide.

    Dimensions: Top Cabinet: 48"w x 15"d x 49"h Base Cabinet: 45"w x 19"d x 36.5"h Overall Height: 85.5"h
  • This wine cabinet is the final piece of furniture you need to complete your dining room. With a wide variety of storage option configurations, like moving the long door to the other side so it opens correctly for your dining room configuration to choosing the wood species, you have choice in the functional style to make it your own.

    Dimensions: 32"w x 19"d x 36"h
  • This wine server makes storage look beautiful.  If storage is what you need but don't have a lot of wall space this tall wine server is the perfect piece for your home.

    Dimensions: 27"w x 21"d x 75"h